Monday, June 08, 2009

Poultry Update

It's amazing how days turn into weeks during spring.  Yard work, gardening, job-work, and the desire to "play" outside all mesh together to create a busy schedule.  I've also been busy getting the chicken coop and duck house finalized.

KIA hanging with the ducks
A couple weeks ago, one of the ducks, became injured.  We assumed that Emma our border collie herded it onto the steep hillside where she over exerted her leg.  She wasn't instantly lame, but started walking less and less.  The other ducks didn't want to leave her when they went out foraging.  We actually got to a point where we were going to put her down, but decided she still seemed healthy and had an appetite.  Instead, we decided to pamper her by bringing her feed and placing her in a tub a couple times a day for water therapy.  Well, now she seems better.  She can walk, albeit more of a hobble.  We also moved them up to the flat area of our yard where it's easier for them to walk around.
The new duck house
 I converted our cold frame into a "duck tractor".  They forage in the day and we lock them in the tractor at night.

The chicken coop now has chickens in it.  The chicken coop made from all used or salvaged materials (except nails and screws)

We had some friends give us two bantam hens and a bantam rooster. The bantams in their new home
 The white hen is currently brooding.  She has a couple fake eggs that she is keeping warm.  This Wednesday we have a few chicks coming in that we'll place under the hen in the evening.  We're hoping she will keep them warm so we can avoid carrying down the heat lamp.  Maybe that will be the next update........