Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does the Safeway Corp. Know Their Carts Are Being Used For Non-Shopping Purposes?

I don't know. Just seemed a bit odd. They do have cones or orange barrels for such tasks. Taken at the Newport, WA Safeway if anyone wants to nark 'em out.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Crazy Winter

My absence in the blogging world has been the result of another heavy winter here in the Inland Northwest. Every morning I have to spend some amount of time doing car, driveway, or woodstove activities. This has caused me to have little time for cafe going where I do my blogging (still no internet at the old homestead). Last week we had an ice dam on the roof which caused some some leaking. I finally got the ice dam removed yesterday then ended up shoveling the entire roof. Which is a little sketchy because of the 30' height of it. Anyhow, today we're supposed to get another foot of snow so I'm about to give-up on keeping the driveway clear and start hitching a ride with a co-worker. I love snow, but sometimes it's a real pain. Well here are some recent pics anyhow;

View from the mostly shoveled roof

The driveway when it wasn't too bad

KIA in the driveway

Me playing peek-a-boo on the roof

At least it's toasty inside for a good book