Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Well another couple of monkeywrenches have been thrown into my blogging hobby, a full time job and a temp move to a cabin on the lake with no phone or Internet.

Yep, that's right I'm working the 40 hour work week after a year of slacking on misc jobs and helping out with baby and spouse. Actually that is a lot of work. Anyhow I'm working in a microbiology lab for a company that makes herbal and dietary supplements. It's a good company and we even get lunch Mon - Thur. from the companies own chef. Great food too, we're not talking PB&J. Yesterday was a beef stir fry with ginger, shitake mushrooms over a very tasty rice. Tuesday was a grilled salmon over a mixed greens salad.

As for our living condition, the one room condo seemed to be shrinking on us. After we got a crib for KIA, there was very little room to even stand. We had no yard to provide relief either. So until we can find something else we're in a very nice beach house that is just used in the summer by a friend's family. It's really nice, but too bad it;s only temporary. Anyhow, I must keep this short, I need to get home and check on the family. I hope you are all well in Blogger Land. Be back soon with pics and to check out everyone else's lives.