Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hello All. Well, it unfortunately looks as though my absence will be extended. Our new house has no phone or internet. The occasional library visit will be my only fix. I'll try to catch up on others blogs, but my own page will be as patchy as it has been. Please feel free to email me if anyone wants to say a quick hello. I miss you all. I'll leave a couple pics (our new house and sweet little KIA).

Monday, December 10, 2007


I really feel as though there is some force keeping me away from blogging. "Being busy" no longer defines my life. Chaotic is a better word.

First off, what can I say, but we're moving....again. The house in town that was close to everything turns out to be extremely inefficient and has poor indoor air quality. With the cold hitting we discovered the gas furnace sucks, there is very little insulation in the house, and the only southern windows are to the mudroom that we keep blocked off with a wool blanket because it's not insulated. The bathroom also is not insulated and seems to hold a steady temperature between 45-51 degrees F. We've neem running space heaters, but that has been drying up the air so bad we've all had respiratory problems. Not to mention a high electric bill.

As for the air quality, we were always a bit concerned with it here. The air has always seemed heavy. There seemed to be a small mold problem in the bathroom, but the straw that broke the camels back was when we discovered there are 5 layers of carpet laid down. I guess the installers were too lazy to rip out the old. Anyhow one can view the progression of styles from pink shag down to pre WW2 geometric.

So, the better news is we've landed another rental 5 miles north of town. It has wood heat, hardwood floors, and it's brand new (awesome insulation). The bad, it's probably another temp home. The owner is putting it back on the market to sell in June. Oh well. I think I'm getting used to being unsettled.

Until next time.