Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jim Hightower Here in Sandpoint

On Sunday I got the chance to see Jim Hightower , the progressive humorist from Texas, here in Sandpoint at our lovely Panida Theatre.  It was a fundraiser for Sandpoint Community Radio which is trying to get off the ground. I used to catch his short little blurb the Hightower report when I used to live back in Wisco and I always found it funny.  What I didn't realize was that he is a great public speaker (he delivered a humorous, upbeat lecture) and a really down to earth person.  Various people told me that he spent time here in Sandpoint visiting the local pub and even stopping in at my favourite tea and coffee house, Common Knowledge.  It seemed as though he really wanted to get a feel for the community.  I have a feeling that he probably does that wherever he visits.  I may just have to buy his book.

What A Freakin' Winter
Well I feel like I can finally come out of hibernation because there is only a little snow scattered around the yard (I guess it's a yard).  Living up an old logging road driving a small VW golf during a heavy winter was sort of awful.  I often had to use chains just to get home and I lost track of how many times I got stuck.  But now those days are gone.  I started making a garden bed the other day, I have some herbs sitting outside getting hardened off, and yes, I saw some buds on the deciduous trees.  A larger variety of birds have also been showing up at the birdfeeder as well.
So just for closure, I'll share a couple wintry photos-because I know it's over.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My First Attempt at Returning, AKA as Reflections

Here is my first attempt at returning to the web. Why come back now, one may ask?

Well a couple reasons;

1. I just got hired on for a new job in my area of study.
2. I feel revitalized after a recent trip to Oregon.
3. I have a new notebook computer to take advantage of the wi-fi around town.
4. I miss friends I have met in blogger land (what's new with all of you?).
5. I miss learning new things and ideas from many of you out there (and ranting on with my own)

Photo taken at the Japanese Garden in Portland